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Lake Ludlow Newsletter   March  2019

                As I sit here looking out at the new snowfall, while beautiful, I still long for spring to arrive.  I would rather be looking out at the lake from the newly renovated front porch of the club house.  We owe a big “Thank you” to Tom Hubbard, Dick Howell, Tim Race, Chod Stork, Ray Baldwin and everyone else that contributed their time and talent to complete this much needed project.  If you have not seen the porch you need to stop in and check it out.

                The 94th Annual Banquet, hosted by the Norwich members, will be held at the club house Monday, April 1st.  The cost of the dinner will be $20 for members, honorary members are free.  Social hour will be from 5-6 PM, dinner will follow.  All member dues of $300 are to be paid in the month of April.  Boathouse owners need to add $75 for electric service. If you are not planning on attending the dinner, please mail your check to Tom Rice, 3 Pleasant Street, Oxford, N.Y. 13830.  Interest of 3% per month, will be added to any unpaid balance. If you are planning to pay at the annual dinner, please pay by check or the exact amount of cash.  Any questions can be answered by Tom, at 316-0585.

                Directors up for reelection this year are Jack Cook (Greene), Tim Fowlston (Oxford), Bob Stone (Norwich), and Steve Barrows (McDonough).

                Dates to put on your calendars:  Annual Dinner 4/1  5PM;  Spring Cleanup, Sunday 5/5  8-12;  Family Picnic, Sunday 7/28  all day;  Fall cleanup, Saturday 10/19  8-12;  Christmas Party, Saturday 12/14   2-5PM.  Email reminders will be sent out as these dates come up.  If we do not have a valid email address for you, please provide any director with one.

                We have several new members this year.  Oxford, Nick Wakefield and Ken Paul; McDonough, Kurt Davis; and Greene, Seth Barrows, Tim Howell, Jared Alger and Brian Breck. Please make them feel welcome and don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves. 

                We have a couple projects we hope to complete this year. We have plans to install a dock at Perch Point to allow boat access to the picnic table that has been there for years. We also hope to make some progress/complete the lighthouse on the island.  This has been talked about for a long time and hopefully will come to fruition soon.  Any ideas you may have for projects please bring them to the Annual meeting or drop them in the “suggestion box” in the club house. The club has purchased a patio heater for the use of members. If you wish to use this, you will have to provide your own propane tank and let one of the directors know as it is stored in the Directors room. It was used at the Christmas party in December and heated the porch very well.

                Lawn mowing, weed eating, maintenance of the fish catcher and dam continue to be a high priority for all members. We worked very hard to get our dam rating lowered from a high hazard class C to an intermediate hazard class B, which will save a lot of money in inspection and core sampling fees, but we still need to keep up proper maintenance.

                Spring is coming, the ice will go out and we hope to see all of you at the Annual meeting or at the lake this summer.

The Board

Please continue to remember and follow these basic rules for members:

*If you wish to hold an event at the club house or pavilion, sign up on the calendar in the club house. Access is always available on a first come, first serve basis. Please continue to clean up after your event and take your trash with you. We do not have trash pickup.

*Guests may not be on Lake Ludlow property prior to the arrival of the member.

*Keep speed limits on Lake Ludlow property (land) under 15 MPH.

*Lake (water) speed limits remain at 8 MPH.

*All N.Y.S. fishing rules apply unless noted otherwise.

*As always, dogs are to be leashed and you are responsible for cleaning up after them.

A suggestion box has been set up in the clubhouse for you to use. This is your club, if you have ideas and/or comments the directors would like to hear them.

Fish diaries can be found in the clubhouse and electronic versions at the bottom of this page. Please record all fish caught by everyone in your company


If you plan to use the clubhouse for a non-family event and activities, a donation to the club would be appreciated. This will help with the electric bill and supplies for upkeep of the clubhouse. Also a quick reminder, Please remove your garbage and empty bottles and cans.
 Thank you.

Resource Information

Federation of Lake Associations, Inc


Fishing Rules for the Lake
Catch and Release
1. All small mouth & large mouth bass
2. All walleye less than 18"

Catch and Keep (if desired)
1. All chain pickerel

Fishing regulations are subject to NYS laws including size limits and daily catch limits.

Boating Rules
Motorized boat operation on Lake Ludlow is not to exceed eight (8) MPH.

The directors are asking any and all members to support the club by joining one of the committees. We are looking for fresh ideas and input from the membership in all areas.
The committees are:
    Building & Grounds
Contact any director if you would like more information
The directors are asking all members to restrict foreign boats (used outside of Lake Ludlow) from the waters of Lake Ludlow.

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